Monday, June 29, 2009

Red Cross: All the greater poverty in Gaza

Unemployment in April reached 44 percent due to the collapse of the economy in Gaza, and more than 70 percent, of about 1.5 million inhabitants of the area, living with incomes less than 250 dollars for the family to nine members.
Despite promises to the reconstruction of the belt on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea donors give 4.5 billion dollars, hinder efforts to renew restrictions that brought Israel and does not permit the delivery of building materials, water supply pipes, spare parts. In addition, nedovljne the delivery of basic medicines, and water and sewage system are on the edge of collapse, which is a risk of large health crisis. Every day in more ispumpava 69 million liters of partially refined, or unrefined, waste water, which is the same capacity of 28 Olympic swimming pools, it is stated in the report.
"Quarters in Gaza who have been exposed to the very Israeli strikes continue to appear as a massive earthquake epicenter, if you do not allow delivery of large quantities of cement, steel and other building materials on the territory of the reconstruction work," noted in the ICRC report, which is transmitted Rojters.Izrael started on the offensive goals islamističkog Hamas 27th December hit by missiles in order to stop its southern territory. In tronedeljnim conflicts is the 1417 Palestinian killed, including 926 civilians, the Palestinian claim to the organization for human rights. On the side of izraelskoj killed 10 soldiers and three civilians.
Committee based in Geneva, warns that many of the inhabitants of Gaza, in the tone more despair because they have thousands of houses and property destroyed and still have no accommodation. A large part of the equipment in hospitals is precarious and requires a repair after the disconnection of electricity daily.
"The health system Gaza can not provide the treatment that is required many patients who suffer from serious diseases. Tragično, a number is not allowed to leave the area and seek medical help elsewhere," adds the izveštaju.Oko 100 to 150 people have lost their hands or feet in the military operation waiting prosthesis, the International Committee of CK, which is managed by Center for Physical Rehabilitation in Gaza.
"The decline of living standards will have a negative effect on the health and welfare of the population in the long term. The worst affected are children, which consists of more than half the population of Gaza," said Antoine Grand, which lead delegation of 109 members razmeštenih in Gaza.
Committee of the UN to investigate war crimes saslušavao yesterday, and today continues a public hearing in the city of Gaza. By the former Hague Tribunal Chief Prosecutor, Richard Goldstone Južnoafrikanc. He announced the continuation of the hearing in Geneva in July. Israel currently does not cooperate with the UN on the occasion of this problem.

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