Monday, June 29, 2009

IEA expects oil demand growth modest

World demand for oil rašće of 2008. and 2014. averaged 0.6 percent a year, estimates the International Energy Agency (IEA), which, due to global recession, decreased srednjeročne information.

Agencies, advisory body of consumers of oil, will account to 2014. demand for oil to reach 89 million bare (159 liters) per day if they are to 2012. economic growth in the world to return to five per cent per year, as prognozira International Monetary Fund.

In the case of growth of gross domestic product is lower, demand for oil will weaken in the observed period of 0.2 percent per year, on average, 84.9 million bare day.

The fact that there are two scenarios shows that there is uncertainty regarding the recovery after the most serious global economic crisis for half a century, says IEA.

A year ago the IEA for world oil needs in 2013. prognozirala to 94.14 million bare on the day.

On the world market, where traders are awaiting the new macroeconomic indicators that may indicate the improvement of the situation in the U.S. economy, barrel of oil this morning, it costs about 69 dollars.

Otherwise, the cost of crude oil has doubled since March and some analysts believe that will not go up until the return of the sure signs of economic growth.

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