Sunday, June 28, 2009

In Tehran officials arrested the British Embassy

Eight Iranian employees in the UK embassy in Tehran is arrested because of suspicions that they are involved in the unrest that had broken out after the presidential elections in Iran, said today poluzvanična news agency Fars. United Kingdom requested release.

"Eight local British embassy officials who played a significant role in the recent unrest were taken in custody. The group has played an active role in provoking the recent unrest," said Reuters.

Brownian reciprocity

Iran has accused the Western powers, especially Britain and the United States, to encourage street protests and violence that occurred after the presidential elections, 12 June, which the opposition says were invalid.

United Kingdom rejected the accusations Tehran.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was last Tuesday, stated that Britain expel two diplomats iranskih, as Iran previously forced two British diplomats to leave Iran.

Miliband: We want the liberation

United Kingdom was asked today to release the Iranian employees in the UK embassy in Tehran, označavajući tanning their detention as "harassment and intimidation."

"This is completely unacceptable harassment and intimidation. We want to be released unharmed," said British journalists, the Minister of Foreign Affairs David Miliband during the Conference on Security, which will be held at Krfu, transfers Reuters.

Miliband said that there were nine officers arrested the embassy, but some are released, and added the number of detainees changes from hour to hour, and that the Kingdom concerned for all those who are not yet free.

British minister stressed that a diplomatic officials who work diligently and is completely without basis the idea that the British embassy in any way involved in the demonstrations and protests taking place in Tehran from the presidential elections in 12th June.

Miliband said that Britain is because strongly protested at iranskih power and that talk about this issue with their counterparts from the EU present at the Krfu, which otherwise should consider the situation in Iran after the election.

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