Sunday, June 28, 2009

Slovenian companies continue to invest in Serbia

Slovenian companies will continue to time investments in Serbia and the next world economic crisis, said today the club vice-president of Slovenian economy in Serbia Dmitar half.

"Time investment will be realized. Commercial chain plans to shower by the end of 2009. Employs more than 320 people and opened eight facilities, Merkator investment plans 30 million euros, Mercury builds new center in Belgrade," he said in an interview with BETA.

Half said that according to the National Bank of Slovenia, Slovenian direct investments in Serbia since 2001. until 2008. amounted to 1.63 billion euros, a serbian investments in Slovenia have been three million.

"The investment in the Serbian economy is on about 500 companies from Slovenia, the 2700 business cooperation with Serbia and the word is a great connection and dependence of the Slovene economy serbian business move, as around 20,000 people working in Slovenian companies," he said.

Largest investor, said half is trading chain Merkator who has invested about 250 million euros in Serbia, followed by Mercury with 110 million investment in new facilities and Cimos and drug Kolinska by 100 million euro investment.

"New investments are significant because they have multiple effects, and the devil the chain of new activities. The most important contribution to the intensification of competition," he said.

Vice President of Slovenian Business Club said is the trade of Serbia and Slovenia in the first four months of this year was 45.26 percent less than in the same period in 2008. (as a consequence of the world economic crisis).

According to him, the largest exporters from Serbia in Slovenian market are Impol Seval. Ju-Es style Serbia (U.S. Steel) foundry from Kikinda, Flag tapacirnica, Metal from Ruma, Pančevački Petrohemija and Elrad.

Most imports from Slovenia in Belgrade Gorenje, Krka farm, comes, from Šimanovaca Jub and foundry from Kikinda, added half.

As said, Serbia from Slovenia, the most imported news paperweight, board, washing machine, freezer, refrigerators, medicines, yarn of nylon, stove and sausages, and exported aluminum profiles, parts for seats, and motors, cathode, drugs, bars of copper and zinc, cast iron products, oil loženjei polyethylene.

Half said that the increase of foreign direct investments in Serbia, the biggest problem are the property of the city construction land and the necessity of modernization of the judiciary.

He said that the system of benefits and taxes for the use of land undermines the competitiveness of Serbia and creates unsafe work environment.

The problem for the growth of investicja, said half, and presented a delay in the reforms, inadequate infrastructure and limited access to measures for the improvement of competitiveness.

"It is a better understanding of the importance of direct foreign investment and development programs that are sensitive to the needs of investors and precisely targeted national programs for the promotion of investment, said Vice President of Slovenian Business Club in Serbia Dmitar half.

Slovenian Business Club brings together Slovenian companies operating in Serbia.

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