Sunday, June 28, 2009

Russia - NATO: Renewed political and military links

Corfu - Russia and NATO decided that the restoration of political connections, and military contacts, disturbed after the conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008. year, stated the Secretary General of the Alliance JAP de Hop Shefer, after the ministerial meeting of NATO-Russia Council in Krfu.

Shefer said that this was a "good meeting" and that the Council will continue to work, despite some misunderstanding that have not yet been resolved.

Lavrov: Practical steps

Odlazeći Secretary General of NATO said that Russia and the Alliance agreed to the restoration of relations when it comes to the military cooperation, said agency Itar-Tas.

Head of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said his country wants to renew the trust relationship with Alliance, which would be included military cooperation, and cooperation in the field of strategic security.

"We want restoration of trust (Russia and NATO). This, however, will require practical steps that will show that other proposals are not only on paper," said Lavrov in Krfu.

Antiraketni shield would obesmislio cooperation

Lavrov referred to the plans and the former U.S. administration in Europe to set up parts of your antiraketnog shield, upozorivši that if Washington continues to implement this goal, future cooperation in this field in the framework of Russia-NATO Council to be senseless.

Head of Russian diplomacy said that Russia welcomes the decision of the new American administration to stop the implementation of this program, but added that, if it still continues to be implemented, Co-operation in the framework of Russia-NATO Council will be pointless.

Zakavkazje - the subject of disagreement

Lavrov said that Russia and NATO, and still not agree on the Zakavkazja, but that both sides must accept the new circumstances.

"We talked about the situation in Zakavkazju. Our views on this issue and continue to differ, but we have to accept a new reality," said Lavrov.

Decisions made by the Russia after the conflict in South Ossetia in August 2008. are permanently and must be taken into account, "said Head of Russian diplomacy, thinking on the Russian recognition of independence gruzijskih province Abhazija and South Ossetia.

"We would like to work in the region, international observers, including those from the United Nations and OSCE. The UN Security Council has accepted our suggestions how to perform, without the interference issue," Lavrov added.

Before the meeting at the top

Head of Russian diplomacy said that the agreements with Russia, the United States, Germany and Spain amended agreement on transit of NATO nevojnog material to Afghanistan.

Yesterday set the NATO-Russia Council was the first meeting which is held by a high level since the end of the war in Georgia.

Krfu meeting was held a week before the meeting of the American and Russian President Barak Obama and Dmitri Medvedeva in Moscow and the Summit Group's eight most developed countries (G-8) in Rome.

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