Sunday, June 28, 2009

Military coup in Honduras

Honduras has been arrested by the army and the country president Manuel Zelaju on Sunday morning.

He should organize a referendum, which the Supreme Court declared illegal, said his secretary.

"The soldiers took the president from his home in aviation military base. Uložićemo protest because," said Secretary of the President Enrico Reine.

Zelaja the week intended to hold a referendum on constitutional revision that would allow him to run in November for the second term, despite the opposition army, the Assembly and the Supreme Court.

He was elected president of Honduras in 2006. on the four-year term.

As the transfer eyewitnesses, about 200 soldiers came to the residence around 6 pm local time, and he heard the four pucnja, and then have to make vazduhoplovnoj military base.

Around the residence was in the tens of soldiers, heavily armed, France Presse reported.

Two television signal is turned off immediately after the announcer one of them said that "it appears that the soldiers come here" and called on people to gather at the Square of Freedom.

Local media are transferred to the voting place more boxes for the referendum sheltered in the morning.

The political crisis began in mid-week, after the Zelaja replaced Chief gereralštaba Romeo Velaskeza because the army refused to distribute voting materials.

The Army is in the capital Tegucigalpa distributed on Thursday evening, which led to assumptions that prepares military attack, although the army stated that only wants to maintain public order.

Parliament has also stated on Friday that it is possible to be dissolved.

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