Sunday, June 28, 2009


Las Vegas is the "gaming capital of the world", but the casino industry is changing these days. Popular Asian tourist destinations such as Macau and Singapore opportunity to use the model iskombinuju gambling and entertainment.

"Hoping that will attract customers looking for the opportunity to spend," says David Svorc, Head of the Center for Gaming Research at the State University of Nevada in Las Vegas.

"Gambling machines are the same novelty as' Black Jack '. People will not travel several thousand kilometers to be played on the machines for five cents. But it will certainly want to prevale thousands of kilometers to a very experienced," he believes.

In larger hotels lasvegaskim gambling can not bring more than 30 percent of revenue, because people razbacuju money on other types of entertainment. Gordon Aber from Em Di Em dowry, manager of the casino, said that countries such as Singapore is hoping that the trend to help them get džekpot - the main prize.

"Singapurci they really do the right thing when they rejected the term casino or gaming resort" and adopted the term 'integrated resort', because we in fact, are. We connect all that you can find in many different places in other cities in one type of resorts such as Las Vegas, believes Aber.

I Kvan Ju played a major role in the creation of the "integrated resort" in the Singapore. Arrived in Las Vegas to be met with directors such as Šeldon Adelson, owner of the famous sends. Admission to that encountered him, surprised.

"Every move like this is gambling in the future. We resolve to upustimo in it. We expect that so many local people to bet on us," is satisfied if.

But Adelson and other lasvegaske Singapore tajkune lot less, and more cold business decision. Sends plans to invest three billion dollars in the construction of the first "integrated resort in Singapore, by the reputation of the lasvegasku Venice. Li said that Adelson and his team do not believe that Singapore can take away the guests from Las Vegas.

"He expects that the vast majority of that came from the region - from China, India and other parts of Asia. I believe that that there is a demand that will meet beautiful holove and provide entertainment that will satisfy finicky rich, Li believes.

In the meantime, Las Vegas continues to put a token on the table, prelivajući billion dollars in Asia, while the American casino owners anxious expect new contracts in Singapore.

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