Sunday, June 28, 2009

Is like Michael Jackson more dead than alive?

Fans around the world these days, buy and download online music, deceased mother of the king of pop Jackson much more than they did the previous decade. Souvenirs are sold like hot cakes, and the fans the presence of gatherings in his honor.

Millions of dollars are in the last two days slili suitcases in his company and the influx continues. The question that is currently the most common set is not, "What killed the mother of Jackson? but "like Michael Jackson worth more dead than alive?"
Jackson albums have taken on Friday the first 15 places on the list of best musical achievements of the American website, the day after the death of the king of pop. Džeksonov the most successful album "Thriller" from 1982, which is re-published last year on the occasion of his 25th anniversary, Bestsellers on Amazon, and the following albums "Off the Wall" from 1979. and "Bad" in 1987.
Singers and albums taken top online music stores ajTjuns, with six achieving the top ten. Hits compilation "The Esential" (2005) is the Bestsellers in ajTjunsu, the album "Thriller" and "Off the Wall".

Results toksikoloških analysis that will reveal the exact cause of death are not yet ready, and during the next few weeks, months, years and perhaps more details will be known about the mysterious and bizarre life style of the king of pop.
It is expected that the Džeskonov "narrower circle" will soon start to rash because some will begin to sell the media stories about Jackson in the hope that it will get large sums of money.
Jackson family spokesman Brian Oksman said to CNN, "If you think that the case of Anna Nicole Smith celebrities example of abuse by people close to nothing compared to what we have seen that happened in the life of Mother Jackson.

As is Jackson's death cause cancellation of his tour, the journalists "Tajmsa" to ask what will happen with the money made.
Company for the organization of concerts AEG Live is invested 20-30 million repatriated concerts in the London O2 arena, not including any pre-paid amount Džeksonovom team, writes the music magazine "billboard." According to reports, the concert was arranged, and Jackson is had to pass even 50 different medical tests after which the insurance company gave the green light for the official confirmation of the start of the tour.
However, insurance experts say, states such as dependence on medication or heart disease were not included in the contract, which may mean that AEG will not get money from insurance.

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