Sunday, June 28, 2009

Five more new cases of influenza

Serbia has so far registered a total of 10 new cases of influenza, a member of the working group for fighting against diseases Branislav Tiodorović today stated that the majority of patients treated in home isolation and that the hospital retained only those who have noticed symptoms of pneumonia.

Epidemiologa City Institute of Public Health, Predrag Kon said that noveobolele people in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Nis. On the question of whether the information has to how many people are contacting people, Kon said that at this time can estimate that the number of contacts goes around the table.

Tiodorović told the Beta agency that the four of five new cases of influenza A H1N1 type of people who have arrived from abroad, and the only one in Belgrade in contact with infested obolelim earlier.
"In the coming days we can expect that sporadic cases will be slow to copy," he said, adding this will "be gentle wave four.

The hospital received valjevske old girl is two and a half years because of suspicions that the new flu infested. It is about 22 hours last night received the Department of Infectious because high temperature and high cough, says from that institution. Girl with parents in the summer in Egypt, where they go 25th June. Girls is located in the Department of Infectious and deletes are sent to the Institute for Immunology and virusologiju Torlak. It is the night normalizovana temperature this morning and feel good. Under the supervision of the pediatricians, Infectious Diseases and internist. Hospitalized girl from Belgrade, Valjevo and came to visit relatives. At the Infectious department is located, accompanied by the mother. In valjevskoj hospital procedure is followed for such situations, a new public information will be reported as soon as the results came from the Institute Torlak.

In Novi Sad, have confirmed two new cases, with persons who have arrived in Serbia from Canada, sopšteno from the Clinical Center of Vojvodina (KCV).
At the Clinic for Infectious Diseases of the presence of a new flu virus was confirmed in the mother and child, while under constant medical supervision are still two members of the same family, told the Beta agency.

The first new case of flu has been registered in Nis and in one young man who arrived from Australia.

New cases of patients in Montenegro
Belgrade Institute for virusologiju "Torlak" has today confirmed that another patient who is located in the Clinical Center of Montenegro, infected with influenza virus type A (H1N1), stated today the Montenegrin Ministry of Health.
"It is a patient who came from Peru by plane over the airport in Dubrovnik Cilipi.
In KCCG have received four more people who were in contact with the patient, "says the statement and added that to his wife, child and two friends who have waited at the airport and brought the car to the house.
At the Department of General Hospital, as is said, received another 13 year old girls, as a "suspected case" of contact with peers who are already treated by a new virus in the zdravstenoj establish.
It is that analysis of samples will be known in a day or two and adds that they have a mild clinical picture, but are in stable health condition. As the last night for Radio Kotor, said Director of Home Health in the goodness of Alexander Sljepčević, with symptoms of influenza H1N1 yesterday in the Clinical Center of Montenegro hospitalized three cases.
Director of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro Boban Mugoša said, however, a guest in the central daily TV Montenegro, it is about five people that there is some doubt that could have the H1N1 flu virus, but, he said, the probability is small .
These are the people "in contact", said Mugoša and added that the person under surveillance just because they are "the first cases," but that, otherwise, should not be in the hospital.

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