Saturday, June 27, 2009

North Korea accuses Japan of espionage

North Korea has warned that it will chop every Japanese plane that came in its air space, optuživši Tokyo to špijunira in the vicinity of Korean missile missile ramps.

North Korea is a declared zone neletenja 25 June to 10 July in order to exercise the military, which has raised additional concerns that North Korea is preparing to carry out missile tests of short and intermediate range in the coming days.

Air force stated that the Japanese aircraft to monitor E-767 špijunirao near Musudanri missile base in the north of the country, on Wednesday and Thursday.

How to transfer the central news agency, the air forces of North Korea "will not tolerate" air espionage "Japanese aggressive forces, but will not topple the grace of any aircraft that impair its air space and even a thousandth part of millimeters.

This warning Japan for espionage is rare, while the common complaints of American špijunskih mission in the air space of North Korea.

Japanese Defense Ministry official, requesting anonymity, said that the planes of his country, in the defense policy, regularly collected information about North Korea, but declined to discuss which types of aircraft and perform tasks and location Japan

Japan very closely follows the missile program of North Korea, given the geographical proximity of the two countries, and especially since 1998. year, when a North Korean missile preletela over the main Japanese islands.

Since then, Japan has spent billions of dollars on the development of raketnog shield with the United States, and launched a series of satellite špijunskih primarily to monitor the situation in North Korea.

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