Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cvetković on the New York Stock Exchange

Cvetković and Niderauer have talked about the world economic crisis, its consequences and ways to overcome it. The first man, New York Stock Exchange, after which the collapse of the wave of the crisis spread to other parts of the world, said Prime Minister of Serbia are the first visible signs of the prevailing crisis and that the securities market stabilized.

President serbian government has been talking with representatives of banks and chalk svis Meril lynch. Conference to participate Cvetković which ends today.

First on paper in New York, Cvetkovic said that the key out of the world economic crisis, the provision of financial incentives and support for direct investments in developing countries.

Cvetković, in New York, the UN Conference on the world financial and economic crisis, said that one of the topics that should be considered at this meeting is the fact that the banking sector inhibitory economic growth in the countries that need to be a generator of global economic growth.

Prime Minister Cvetkovic is in New York yesterday and met with Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Aleksej Kudrinom and two officials confirmed the agreement between the two countries on the possibilities for resolving the issue of Kosovo.

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