Monday, June 29, 2009

Honduras: shooting, barricades and police time

Pucnji from firearms were heard last night near the presidential palace in the capital city of Honduras, about which hundreds of supporters of President svrgnutog protest for his arrest and expulsion after yesterday's military strikes.

Witnesses whose statements transfer agency Reuters, said that the vehicles arrived and the ambulance, but that does not know and who is shot or injured there.

Svrgnutog supporters of President Manuel Zelaje are built barricades in the center of Tegucigalpa, and all department predsedničkoj approach the palace, which keeps the army.

Many demonstrators were masked, and made barricades of tires and automotive metal objects, kept armed poles.

In the meantime, the acting president, Roberto Mičeleti, ordered the establishment of two-day hours in the police throughout the country, at the time of 9 hours of the evening to 6 am.

Members Honduras named in the week the President of Congress Robert Mičeletija for Acting President of the duties of state, after the military strikes in which the army so far President Manuel Zelaju arrested and proterala in order to prevent him remain in power after the expiry of the mandate.

Members have stated that aklamacijom Official zbace Zelaju with the position of President and to replace it with Mičeletijem, which also belongs to the ruling liberal party.

United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-mun condemned the military coup in Honduras, which is with power downthrow President Manuel Zelaja, and called for a peaceful solution to the crisis.

"UN Secretary-General is deeply concerned about recent events in Honduras and condemns arrest constitutional President of the Republic," said his spokesman, and transferred agency Reuters.

In the official press release said that Ban Ki-mun expressed strong support for the democratic institutions of the country and seek the return of its democratically elected representatives, as well as full respect for human rights, including the preservation of security Zelaje president, members of his family and his government.

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