Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ban violent video games

Venezuela - Venezuelan authorities plan to enact a law to ban video games and toys that promote violence, as more and more children on the streets of violent acts.

Rooms in Caracas were always full. Most popular games are those that razigravaju life in San Augustine, pregrańĎu capital of Venezuela, notorious for crime. Residents say that more boys easily decide to replace the joystick to the right gun.

The law, which Parliament and South American countries should grant final approval encountered parents who themselves often have to supervise children in the playground.

"Games should entertain the children. if there is violence, it should ease a bit. I do not think it is worth banning. Why would I? No benefit from the ban on the game. Violence in the streets, "says the father of one detata time spent in the room.

Critics argue that the law on the prohibition of games just another marketing move by President WGA Caves, which associates do not know how to cope with crime. A crime is a problem at night, most people think.

The number of murders is growing constantly: every week 150 people, almost 8 000 a year, data of the Ministry of Justice. Five times more than in, say, Texas, which has the same population.

These data mean little kids who during the summer holidays can not wait to play. Of course, the rooms are fully equipped game props, like guns at actual size. However, nine years younger than the entrance to the playground is not allowed.

Member of the Venezuelan parliament Juan Perez Batista defend the law and argues that the relationship of reality and the game is clear:

"It is a step forward in the fight against violence, which, among other things, create and potpiruju video game," Batista said Juan Perez, deputy in the Parliament of Venezuela.

Despite many doubts, and still is hard provable connection between a "Shooter," games and the number of victims of murder. Closely around you will see that the idols of teenagers found a place in the form of posters on the wall of the playhouse, where one worker said:

"The message to parents is to watch on their children. Often they play in cyber cafe here, not knowing what they are doing. Many parents do not take account of their children because they start to suffer and go astray, "as workers in one of the cyber-cafes.

And she admits that after hours hurry home to avoid gunfire on the streets of Caracas.

Lawmakers were faced with the reality watching the development of the game "Grand Teft Auto" in which the hero car from the driver kidnaps them as proper beats.

Punishment for the placement of these games could be worth over 100 000 euros. One solution is to put the games in class by age, how it works in the U.S.. The new problem is that most video games in the Venezuelan market pirated.

The ban would have no effect until the players themselves do not realize that the world is a product of imagination from the game that the street should not be realized.

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