Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Berlusconi has to pay 750 million euros

Firm Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi "Fininvest" was sentenced for the purchase of court judgments 1991st and illegal downloading largest publishing house Mondadori "

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has to pay 750 million euro fine for the purchase of a court verdict from 1991. year. The court in Milan ruled that his firm Fininvest, "must pay compensation CIR company owned Italian businessman Carlo de Benedetti, because of illegal downloading publishing house Mondadori.

In fact, Berlusconi and De Benedeto were once owners of a majority of shares in the Italian publishing giant "Mondadoriju." The rest of shares belonged to the family of Mondadori. Arbitration 1989th year ruled that part of the remaining shares in the hands of family Mondadori should belong to De Benedetijevom company CIR, and according to previous agreement on the exchange of shares.

Silvio Berlusconi has lost his position as president of the company, complained, and the court of Rome, led by judges Valente, Meta Paolini and ruled 1991st in his favor. The judges declared invalid the agreement between the family and Mondadori De Benedetti, and thus the arbitration. Berlusconi, or "Fininvest", is so over "Mondadori, which has 50.2 percent of shares, changed the orientation of its publications, starting from the" Panorama ", and De Benedetijevo company CIR lost ownership of a" Olivetijem.

Milanese prosecutors recently, following the flow of money in Switzerland, concluded that the verdict from 1991. Berluskonijevu in favor was actually purchased. Because the judge Meta sentenced to one year and nine months imprisonment, and other participants in the year and a half.

In the civil process for compensation for lost profit De Benedeto demanded one billion euros from Berlusconi firm Fininvest, which owns "Mondadorija, but the court in Milan sentenced to 750 million verdict. Berlusconi is to get the whole case which is outdated and that the court concluded that the issue was simple corruption, not a conspiracy for corruption. However, the court has clearly said that the judges Meta potkupljen by Berluskonijevom account.

Speaker "Fininvesta" Marina Berlusconi, or the oldest daughter of the Prime Minister of Italy, was shocked verdict and announced an appeal against the verdict.

According to Italian law, the appeal does not suspend the execution of judgments, so that the Berlusconi family will have to pay 750 million euros per cent.

According to the media, although Berlusconi was the richest Italian property estimated at about eight billion euros, this verdict is a heavy blow for his budget and his company. Namely, Fininvest has an annual turnover of 6.17 billion euros, of which I giant "Mondadori has about two billion.

Italian journalists want the freedom of the press

The war between the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi and the seventh power, which began more summer publishing audio recordings and transcripts of his meetings with the model Naomi Laetitia (18) and Patricia D'Adario (42) escort lady, reached their culmination in the demonstrations against the suffocation of the media and demands for freedom of the press held last weekend in Rome.

Mass protest was attended by more than 300,000 people in the Piazza del Popolo, one of the largest Roman squares.

The protest was filed at the feet of many Italian intellectuals, writers, artists, public figures ... Among others, spoke at that meeting and Nobel Prize winner, playwright Dario For. The protest walk demonstrators led Naples young writer Roberto Saviano (30), author of "Gomorra", which described the darkest side of Naples Kamore.

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