Sunday, October 4, 2009

Catastrophic a storm hit Sicily

Italy after the 6th April and the disastrous earthquake that hit its central region of Abruzzo, where he died more than three hundred people, faced with the consequences of another natural disaster. The storm, which on Thursday spread to the south of Italy is now estimated that killed twenty men and thirty-four were missing, while the prefecture town of Messina in Sicily and has stated that osamdesetoro injured.

Addition of Messina, the catastrophic human and material damage suffered particularly surrounding places, Skaleta Zanklea, Santo Stefano Briga especially Đanpilijeri, only 20 km from Mesine.U this town is due to slope failure destroyed several buildings. Many roads are still clogged, and radželeznice exactly to where Đampilijeri is disabled because the mud is completely congested rails. "The situation is dramatic. We disappeared with the help of dogs while digging through the mud, and hands, "said the head of the regional civil protection Salvatore Kočina.

But natural disasters that struck the northern part of Sicily is not, unfortunately, a novelty for the population of this area: only two years ago, a storm is completely disable the area around Messina, and therefore a miracle, so many people comment, there were no casualties. Because of these facts, the parish priest najpogođenijeg of Đampilijerija, Giovanni Simone, said it is "expected catastrophe": "This time the storms were stronger and now count the victims. In the last two years no one, nothing is taken despite the fact that recent floods represented more than a warning. The mountains are completely exposed and without trees, in part because of the fire and partly because of the cuts. Because storms inevitably cause landslides.

The head of the Italian civil protection Guido Bertolazo about the expected accident "was declared the alert from Thursday morning, more than that we can not do: and will regulate the safety of the entire national territory, or will this type of tragedy repeated. Civil defense can not solve the problems of hydrogeological disturbances caused by illegal construction and operations. It is difficult to reach affected areas because all the roads were clogged until the railway closed. We do everything in our power to intervene as soon as possible. "

Some of the residents affected region, forced to wait for assistance on the roofs of their own houses in order to avoid an avalanche of mud and landslides, helicopters were transferred to Messina. The exact number of victims has not yet been determined exactly, since some of the affected parts of northeastern Sicily and the Italian rescuers civil protection have not yet managed to come even helicopters. For now, it was established that over 400 people left without their homes. "The situation is really difficult. In some of the zones for three-four hours fell between 220 and 230 millimeters of rain, "said vice president of civil protection Bernardo de Bernardinis. "Or there will be a serious plan that will, instead of the Pharaonic buildings, invest in the security of our country, or will be further disasters," said Italian President Giorgio Napolitano, and alluding to the redundancy of construction in Messina Strait, which would be the Italian island of Sicily linked with the mainland.

And while the search for the missing continues, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said that he was expected to be about fifty victims in the storm that affected southern Italy.

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