Monday, October 5, 2009

Changes in the atmosphere does not cause a man

MOSCOW - combustion of fuel during the past 500 years increased the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but emissions of gas increased and earlier, although it is not known whether this is also the result of human activity, says a group of European scientists, based on analysis of samples izotopske najdrevnijeg air that was caught and frozen in the ice of Antarctica.

They concluded that the role of human activity in this process was not great. This contradicts previous assumptions, but it will help to create more accurate forecasting models of climate change, published on the Internet site

Ancient people also sagorevali fuels - wood and then coal. Examining the extent to which human activity led to increased content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, a group of European scientists analyzed approximately 200 samples najdrevnijeg air from Antarctic ice from the period of the end of the Ice Age to the beginning of industrialization.

They measured ratio of heavy isotope carbon-13 and easy carbon-12 in carbon dioxide, which can help to understand the origin of this kind of gas. This ratio is lower in carbon dioxide that comes from burnt plants, and higher carbon dioxide from the sea.

Scientists have come to the conclusion that the increase of content of carbon dioxide came mostly due to changes in the oceans, to a lesser degree due to the combustion of terrestrial plants, and only in very small degree due to human activities.

Such a result is to confirm ideas about the circulation of carbon in the climate change on our planet, says one of the authors of the study, Thomas Stoker from the University of Bern, Switzerland.

No human activity or changes in the fauna of land do not cause themselves to increase the content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, say scientists.

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