Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mixed impressions about the PSP Go

The past days were the first in which the PSP Go consoles became available in the U.S.. Reactions were mixed, with many potential buyers were disappointed by the high price. The new model PSP-N100 will be priced at $ 249.99, which is significantly more than the price of $ 169.99 which is sold by the older PSP-3000 model is still selling. The new model - the PSP Go has a slightly smaller screen diagonal length of 3.8 "compared to the 4.3" screen model of how the PSP-3000th PSP-3000 has a Universal Media Disc format, while the PSP-Go does not have an optical drive built-in WiFi receiver, and all facilities will be installed on the console to receive this via a digital download.

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