Monday, October 5, 2009

More unfounded accusations of Iran

Tehran - International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has no concrete evidence that Iran wants to produce an atomic bomb - said yesterday that the agency head Mohamed ElBaradei El. Relations of Iran and the West, he said, ranging from "conspiracy" to "cooperation".
- Nuclear issue should be resolved by diplomatic means. Our inspectors will visit the 25th October a new facility that is built into a coma. It is very important to make sure that this facility built in the exclusively peaceful purposes - and said ElBaradei stressed that Iran should previously inform the IAEA about the intention to raise this plant.
Western countries accuse Tehran that, under the guise of civilian nuclear program, trying to develop an atomic bomb, which Iran denies, saying that the program is intended solely for the production of electricity.
However, the British Times reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during a secret visit to Moscow last month, handed over a list of Russian scientists that Israel believes that Iran help in building nuclear weapons. The paper quoted "a source close to the Russian Minister of Defense" who said that Netanyahu presented "concrete evidence" that the Russians helping Iran to achieve the mentioned objective, and that Israel has kept the list secret "to spare Moscow political naprijatnosti.
The Times writes that the claims of Russian scientists to help look with caution, because the past tense "frilens Russian scientists. Officials in Jerusalem insist, in writing of the London exchange, that any Russian scientist who works in Iran may seem that only with the permission of the Kremlin.
Objavivanje this report came after that were, last Thursday, Iran and six world powers return to negotiations at the meeting in Geneva. Six hopes that Iran will respond to their offer to offer trade and political incentives in exchange for a suspension of sensitive nuclear activities and improving cooperation with UN inspectors.
Head of Austrian Foreign Minister Michael Špindeleger said that the talks in Geneva "Millennium step, and that will show whether Iran will accept the" extended arm "of the international community. He objected yesterday to further tighten sanctions against Iran, which threatens the United States and warned that Iran should prevent the civilian population is affected by the sanctions.
- We do not want Iran to possess nuclear weapons. Iranian Foreign Minister to me in the bilateral talks, confirmed that Iran does not want to either. If there is agreement it must be possible to find a procedure as it can ensure international control - said Špindeleger.

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