Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New clashes in Afghanistan

Kabul, London - The conflict in southern and eastern Afghanistan killed 10 Afghan soldiers and more than 100 Taliban insurgents were killed or wounded.

Governor of eastern Nuristan province Džamaludin Badar said that once again lead the fight in the same area where on Saturday killed eight American and 20 Afghan soldiers were captured. Nuristan is valid for one of the most dangerous areas in Afghanistan and is situated along the border with Pakistan.

Badar was previously said, but asked that this area be deployed more security forces members, because many of the Taliban fled in the Nuristan valley svatá in Pakistan, fleeing offensives by the Pakistani army.

Nuristan governor for the attack that occurred on Saturday, one of the heaviest since eight years ago, U.S. forces began the offensive in Afghanistan, accused just insufficient number of security forces.

He said also that a large number of casualties result of poor coordination of international forces and the Afghans.

Gordon Brown: No military reinforcements

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown refused to send military reinforcements Afghanistan, despite advice to military commanders, said Gen. Richard danat, former Chief of Staff of the British Army.

"Tip of the military was sending military reinforcements from the beginning of 2009.. If the Army says it needs additional troops, and we can send them, then you should listen to the advice and sent reinforcements to the recommended levels," he said in an interview danat British newspaper "San".

He added that he was disappointed with the support of Ministers who left the military komandnte to do their work with, he said "at least one hand tied behind their backs."

The British government agreed earlier this year to send 700 additional soldiers guarded the presidential elections held on 20th August, so it is currently deployed in Afghanistan, 9,000 British soldiers, mostly in the southern province of Helmand.

Commander of U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, U.S. General Stanley Mekristal warned that the mission in the country most likely fail if it does not change the strategy if you do not send reinforcements of up to 40,000 troops.

Unnamed British Defense Ministry spokesman said that long ago was told that the number of troops in Afghanistan to talk after the election, together with the advice of military commanders, the assessment of the situation on the ground and the results of international discussions on the report of General Mekristala. The decision would depend on, concluded the spokesperson, the feasibility of sending the necessary equipment, "the right strategy and the new Afghan government ready to tackle corruption.

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