Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Texan managed to replace the damaged millions of dollars

Texan who came to the U.S. Mint with a bag full of damaged banknotes milionskog amount, he managed to legally get their replacement for the new, although they were initially seized the U.S. government.

Every year the mint in Washington receives tens of thousands of requests for replacement of damaged banknotes, but in the case of Franz Felhabera special not only by the amount of money, six million, but the explanation that he gave authorities in connection with his descent, writes Washington Post.

The Texas broker said that the money found his client, an anonymous Mexican biznizmen, in a basement during the renovation works.

As a reason for the damage bill he said a large presence of moisture and water in the basement.

American authorities have seized notes, Suspecting that it is about money received from drug trafficking and try to be this way "wash".

Analysis of the experts confirmed the U.S. Mint, however, brokerovu version of events. Banknotes were really old, at least 20 years, and were damaged due to moisture. In addition, the police failed to establish the connection between money and "dirty" jobs, and the mint at the end agreed to make a replacement for the new banknotes.

Three years ago, in the mint in Washington came from the Japanese biznizmen damaged notes worth up to $ 100,000, claiming that the money has been buried for years. Analysis, however, showed that the notes were deliberately soiled, folded and riven which led to their seizure.

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