Monday, October 5, 2009

Three scientists, Nobel Prize in Medicine

Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Grajder and Jack Šostak share this year's Nobel Prize for Medicine.
Their work revealed that the chromosomes can be copied and helped to understand the human aging, cancer and stem cells. The answer lies in the endings of chromosomes - telomerima - as well as enzymes that formed them - telomerasu.

Season Nobelovih award prizes for this year starts today the publication of the winners for medicine and ends on 12 October, by when will be awarded to know the most prominent achievements in medicine, chemistry, physics, literature, economics and promotion of world peace.

Six Nobelovih Committee held in strict confidentiality the names of candidates to the announcement of the winners, but as every year or this is not absent speculation about possible winners.
You laureates are often stunned when they announce the news that committees should be to convey to them just minutes before the official announcements. Calls are received middle of the night on the way to the dentist or by airplane pilots.

Prize winner for Medicine 1998th year, American Ignaro Lewis, thought to be a joking when the stewardess before boarding the plane in Nice brought the phone and said to have an important call from the United States.
His colleague, Rogue, was online and first began to ask for health and time, and when Ignaro said that a rush on him saoštio that won the Nobel Prize and disconnect. Ignaro confirmed the news only when it landed in Naples.
Swiss Richard Ernst (Chemistry 1991) heard the news on the flight from Moscow to New York from the pilot.
Günter Grass 1999th The did not want to cancel my dentist appointments despite news that he received the prize for literature. "It will calm my nerves a bit," joked.
Italian Dario Foa (Literature 1997) a journalist chased the car on the highway, pretekao and showed him his card on which was written "Dario, you won Nobel.
Most laureates heard the news about ten minutes before the official announcement by telephone from Stockholm or Oslo, the time is usually sleeps on the other side of the Atlantic.
"Who is calling me middle of the night," asked the Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk 2005th who was then in New York.
German Rajhard Zelten, who won the prize for economics 1994th was unavailable by phone because he was in the supermarket, is afraid that he robbed the house when they returned from shopping and video in front of a bunch of people. "I came out of the car and someone came to tell me 'I congratulate you,' and I asked why?
American Martin CALF has not heard a call last year when he tried to contact the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. In the morning he woke up, I realized that they have the winners for chemistry, and told himself "I will see that lubber was awarded this time." "On the computer I saw that I am the lubber.
Prizes for physics, chemistry and medicine do not usually cause any protests to the governments of the world, but often severely encourage discussion in scientific circles. However, especially prestigious Nobel Peace Prize, is often viewed through a political prism.
Committee for the Peace Prize, which will be released 9th October in Oslo, says that has not yet made the choice this year a record 205 candidates.
Many believe that the Committee this year is likely to opt for "traditional" candidate, unlike past years when he was a candidate in the field of preservation of the environment or the fight against climate warming.

Although the proposed candidates are U.S. and French presidents, Barack Obama and Nicolas Sarkozy, as well as a former hostage in Colombia, Ingrid Bettencourt, they do not consider this year's favorites.
Among the candidates are Dennis Mukvege doctor, founder of the hospital for victims of sexual violence in one province in the Congo and kasetnog weapons against Coalition (CMC) and the NGO Handicap International.
Some committee to evaluate this year, the 20-anniversary of protests in Tjenamenu in Beijing, could "admonishing" China award to Chinese dissident and human rights.
Nobel for literature, which will be released 8th October could be the first time since the 1996th to be awarded a poet, is evaluated in literary circles. Mentioned Swede Tomas Transtroemer, Syrian Adonis, Južnokerajanac Ko Un.
Danish Literature Professor An-Marie Mai revealed that it was Bob Dylan nominated for this award considering he is one of the top poets.

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