Monday, October 5, 2009

Afghanistan: more troops or withdraw?

All the more discussion about the change of strategy in Afghanistan: Existing certainly does not give satisfactory results. The question is in which direction now continue to: increase the number of soldiers, or go to the full povlańćenju.Jan Tehau, security expert at the German Society for Foreign Policy, believes that the failure of peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan was muted. "But I must say that failure is possible. In the past year and a half it became more difficult. Security situation worsened. The Taliban took the initiative and strengthened throughout the country. "

Tehau points out that the prospect of the West is not bad if you increase the number of troops in Afghanistan: "International forces, together with the Afghan government must regain the initiative. They must be those who will lead the process, not just react. And it will be possible only with the increased number of soldiers. "

After that will be necessary to increase the number of civilians who will assist in rebuilding the country. Without the participation of civilians every successful military insignificant, says Tehau. But even that increase power in Afghanistan, which is their goal? Political Herfrid Minkler believes that the West must first put yourself to the real goals.

"Of course the goal was to establish democracy, human rights, the right to education of girls. I doubt that it is still possible. "

Matin Barak, Afghan political analyst from the University of Marburg, believes that the withdrawal of foreign troops from Afghanistan inevitable. It resembles the failures of other powers.

"In the 19th century, the British twice occupied Afghanistan. Afghans have fought against them is almost bare hands, and finally expelled them. The Soviets since 1980. tried to resolve the conflict with the participation of 100,000 soldiers and they, however, has failed. "

Fight raising standards

Barak believes that the resistance can be mitigated only Afghans with the improvement of the financial situation: "In the south and east of the country is 70 percent of the population without work. If these people get jobs and have enough food to lessen resistance. That would be a way to restore peaceful relations and in Afghanistan. "

Before all this, NATO had not, however, to withdraw and in their place came from countries contingent of the Islamic Conference or the Non-Aligned Movement. On the other hand, Jana Tehaua any discussion of the withdrawal of NATO forces counter:

"Speculation about the date of the withdrawal of NATO forces go in favor of the opponent. It can be considered that it was necessary to wait, and that anyway at the end in itself to win. So it is not wise to speculate with the terms for withdrawal. "

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