Monday, October 5, 2009

Albright: Obama is not leaving the Central European

PRAGUE - Former Minister of Foreign Affairs of the United States Madeleine Albright, an influential representative of American Democrats, said that U.S. President Barack Obama has not abandoned the missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic as a concession to the Kremlin, and that the U.S. does not abandon its Central European allies.
"There was no agreement Washington and Moscow," Albright said this morning the Czech public radio.
Former Head of the State Department said it was against the plan of the previous administration of President George Bush to deploy missile shield Radar in the Czech Republic, but to understand what the political significance was the decision and how is it identified with the Czech government.
"It is important that people in the Czech Republic know that the links between the U.S. and the Czech Republic and Poland need to be strong. I know that President Obama to think," said Madeleine Albright, and added that a waiver of the shield in Central Europe is by no means directed against the Czech Republic or Poland .
To calm their allies in Central Europe, Barack Obama will send the following Sunday at a high level delegation led by Vice President and Joseph Biden, or the current State Department chief of Hillary Clinton.
They need to convince the Czech and Polish public that giving up the shield does not mean to leave Washington to Russia, as they tried to present in Warsaw, President of the opposition Conservatives Leha Kačinjskog in Prague, Czech loudest conservative leader, former Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek.
The fact that the U.S. gave up the shield and the increased fear of Russia was forced to Topolanek on Sunday again prompted by President Václav Klaus to sign the Lisbon Treaty on reform of European institutions and hinders its effective date.
"We have to turn the situation in Europe," Topolanek said yesterday.
Vice President Biden could according to unofficial sources in the Czech media are invited to Prague and Warsaw make additional and new security guarantees.

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