Monday, October 5, 2009

The tension in Jerusalem

TEL AVIV - Strong police forces this morning patrol in the old part of Jerusalem, as thousands of Jewish believers gathered in the square in front of the wall and tears around the occasion of the religious rites of blessing.
Arab youths threw stones at the faithful to Maslinovoj worse, while the whole of Jerusalem does not exclude the possible new conflicts.
On Sunday night the police announced that closes to visitors of the temple hill, or Haram al Sharif (sublime sanctuary), as a holy place called Arabs. There are Al-Aqsa Mosque, the third in importance in the Islamic world and the Dome of the rock, where the Jewish Temple once stood. Login Muslims is limited and allowed only men older than 50 years.
On Sunday afternoon, Arabs threw stones and Molotovljeve cocktails at a police checkpoint end of a refugee camp. In that incident, as well as today's unrest was not ranjenih.Dva policemen were wounded yesterday in the riots easier end of England in the old city gates, and five demonstraanta is uhaaĊĦeno.
After it was announced that the closing of the temple hill, were also riots erupted and the police rasterivala demostrante tear gas and stun-grenades. He was arrested the deputy leader of the Islamic movement Sheikh Kamel Katib and Hatem Abdel Kader, a former Palestinian minister. They were released on bail and a condition not to enter the old city for 15 days.
Jews and tourists allowed to enter the holy place, and that has been the scene of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict. Except in the old town, the police has increased preparedness across the eastern, mostly Arab and western, Jewish part of Jerusalem, in order to prevent riots.
"We have close access to the temple after Brdo Incitement to violence," said police spokesperson Mickey Rozenfeld. Last week in similar riots 30 people ranjeno.I before the hill temple was the scene of violence and especially remembers one which broke out 2000, when the holy place for Jews and for muslamane visited Ariel Sharon, who was then leader of opposition . Then began the second Palestinian uprising, Intifada, against Israeli occupation, and numerous suicide bombings against Israel.

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