Monday, October 5, 2009

We are paying the nature of the guild

Natural disasters the world economy last year cost 200 billion dollars, announced the world's largest reinsurance house "Re Munih." According to their report, in the world due to natural disasters last year, life has lost more than 220.000 people and those material and human victims are mostly contributed tropical cyclones, as well as the earthquake in China.

- Continued long-term trend, which already follow. Climate change, which began, probably contribute to increasing the number of extreme weather conditions and the cause are natural disasters. This, on the other hand, causes increasing losses in the affected areas, such as, for example, the sea coast. Is still not known how many will cost the tsunami that hit Indonesia, but it is certainly the word about the hundreds of millions of dollars - said Torsten Jevorek the company Munih Re.
Indeed, the human existence, both financial, and life, every day began threatening to "mother nature". His negligence and nature of pollution since the industrial revolution, whose consequences and we feel this day, the man was probably created long-term the most powerful enemy. In last 20 years made many studies on human impact on nature, but in recent years have begun to study what the real expert is actually price any natural disaster. Namely, although in the past twenty years, recorded a low activity of hurricanes and tropical storms in the Atlantic in the 2004th and 2005th hurricanes and storms have caused more than 150 billion dollars of damage. Uproteklih 106 years, how devastating the storm track data, estimates have shown that the average annual value of the damage in the U.S. is about $ 10 billion.
Besides America, and the rest of the world suffers the consequences of major adverse impact on nature. Namely, the larger the disaster stands earthquake that struck Pakistan 8th October 2005, when it killed more than 40,000 people. But najstravi─Źnija disaster that has affected the recent history of mankind is certainly one area of the earthquake, which was in late 2004. caused the tsunami that hit Indonesia. Although many analysts say is still too early to determine what was the final loss, it is estimated that it will be much higher than the 150 billion dollars. Hurricane Gustav, which is 2008th hit the United States made a damage greater than $ 10 billion. Insurance company due to large razornosti hurricane insured paid about 30 billion dollars, while the total loss is much greater, but the estimates of analysts will not exceed the damage caused by Kobe.
Not the end of the 20th century was not much different. Earthquake that hit Japan at the beginning of 1995th caused the damage of 131.5 billion dollars. Another "most expensive" disaster of the century was the flood that 1991st hit Russia and caused 60 billion dollars damage. As for natural disasters in Europe, the greatest damage caused earthquake in Italy at the end of 1980th year, and total damage amounted to 20 billion.

1887th floods in China, Yellow River, one million victims
1556th Earthquake chance, China, 830,000 victims
1737th earthquake in Calcutta, 300,000 dead
1970th cyclone in East Pakistan, 300,000 dead
1976th earthquake in Tangshan, China, killed 255,000
1138. Earthquake alepoo, Syria, 230,000 dead
1920th Gansuu earthquake in China, 200,000 dead
1893rd earthquake in Ardabil, Iran, 150.000 dead
1923rd Earthquake Kantou, Japan, 143,000 dead
1991st cyclone in Bangladesh, 138,000 dead
1948th earthquake in Turkmenistan, 110,000 dead
1908th earthquake and floods in Messina, Italy, killed 70000-100000
1815th eruption of Tambora volcano, Indonesia, 92,000 dead
1902nd eruption of Pele, Martinique, 35000-40000 Dead
1883rd island volcano Krakatoa eruption, tsunami, Indonesia, killed 36,000
2003rd Earthquake Bamu, Iran, killed 31,000

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