Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Around 180 million people in the world in the diaspora

Around 180 million people, or three percent of the world's population, now live outside the country in which they were born or two times more than the 1975th year.

United Nations demographers point to the alarming data about the "world migrantskoj population" that since 1975. was doubled to these days has reached 180 million people. According to the report, three out of five people in the world "migrant population" living in rich nations while others are "uhljeblje" found in the less developed countries. Report of the Committee on Demography UN established the number of people who, for whatever reason, living outside the country in which they were born, including legal and illegal immigrants, refugees and internally displaced persons. Of the total number of migrants, about 56 million live in Europe, 50 million in Asia and 41 million in North America.

At the same time, the world's refugee population has approached the end of 2000. The figures of 16 million, of which 9 million in Asia and 4 million in Africa. Moreover, three million refugees living in industrialized countries. And while the government obliged to under international conventions and law give the right Resort asylum seekers, many countries find "workarounds" in order to avoid their obligations. As a result of such policies, the number of asylum seekers since 1993. he began to decline while the number of refugees increased to 18.2 million people.

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