Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Historic visit of Medvedev to Serbia

Visits President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev will be a historic Belgrade, said today the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia Vuk Jeremic. He said that relations between the two zemljena really high level and there will be no preokretajer he is not required, but the arrival of Russian President contribute to intensifying cooperation.

- Serbia takes a difficult and unequal struggle to preserve the territorial integrity and preservation of historical heritage, in that fight we had and have the support of Russia. It is my great pleasure to say that we will have a future-Jeremic said.

He added that Serbia will become a member of the European Union, but still his best friend considered Russia.

-Russia and Serbia fought shoulder to shoulder against fascism, and today side by side fighting against falsification of history-said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

He said that Medvedev's visit marks a new stage in relations between the two countries who have already given the strategic character.

The dialogue that will lead to two presidents in Belgrade refer shadow almost all areas of cooperation - political, economic, humanitarian and cultural.

Lavrov said that Russia highly appreciates Serbian position in relation to President Medvedev's initiative on European security, was pleased with the fact that cooperation in the energy sphere is developing as successful examples of said Oil Industry of Serbia, "South Stream" and "Banat Palace.

At the press conference said that the 2010th be held in the days of spiritual culture of Russia in Serbia, and the 2011th Days of Serbian spiritual culture of Russia.

Speaking of credit, which gives the Russian Federation Serbia, two ministers stressed that the details and conditions will be known during Medvedev's visit to Belgrade.

Russian Minister to the Prime Minister's statement that the Albanians of Albania to unite said that the disturbing and expressed surprise that no one from the international community not to react.

Lavrov said the Serbian side, consistency and perseverance in seeking mutually acceptable solutions and Pristina nekonstruktivnu role in this process.

Russia has sent written materials to the International Court in The Hague in early December to discuss the Serbian demand for the assessment of legality of Kosovo's declaration of independence and participate in the debate. Insistiratina Russia will respect international law.

Lavrov said that Russia has further unsettled the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, it is time to end the mandate of the High Representative and to discontinue the Bonn Powers. The Dayton agreement must be respected.

Two ministers agreed that all the details of Medvedev's visit to Belgrade and a series of documents prepared for signing, which is the main purpose of coming Vuk Jeremic in Moscow.

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