Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obama delayed a meeting with the Dalai lamom

President of the United States Barack Obama has postponed a meeting with the Dalai lamom in Washington, due to relations with China, says "telegraph."

Obama has made this decision after China intensified campaign which says the country to avoid the spiritual leader of Tibet. This is the first time since 1991. year that the Dalai Lama came to Washington, and was admitted to the White House.
Dalai Lama arrived in Washington on Monday to during this week met with congressmen, other officials and representatives of various organizations, but Obama will not be seen until the U.S. president does not return from his first visit to China next month.

Previous ten meetings with the Dalai Lama presidents played an important role in maintaining its international image, although these meetings have never been recorded or tracked press conference.
The exception was the only meeting with George Bush in 2007, which is Dalai Lamu before the cameras awarded the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest civil decoration awarded by this body.

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