Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Hamas considers Abbas not more Palestinians

Leaders of the extremist Palestinian organization Hamas said that President Mahmoud Abbas does not believe the Palestinians, given that he gave up the campaign for the establishment of Israeli war crimes in Gaza.

According to the report of the UN, and Hamas and Israel have committed war crimes, which both deny. Human Rights Council in Geneva the UN decided last week to postpone a vote on the report in six months. Abasovog officials from Fatah, Abdullah Abdullah, said today that "certain friendly countries," Palestinian diplomat asked to postpone the vote. That decision has caused anger across Palestinian society.

Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said today in Gaza to be "Shun" and Abbas, and others involved in the decision.
"I do not consider them representatives of the Palestinians or the Palestinian people," said Zahar.
A sharp verbal attack on Abbas will likely undermine the attempts of reconciliation between his Fatah, which manages the West Bank and rival Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip.

Egyptian mediators invited the two sides at the end of the month in Cairo, on another round of negotiations for which it is believed that it could lead to the final reconciliation of Hamas and Fatah. Hamas drove Abbas's forces from Gaza in June 2007, and until now have failed all efforts for reconciliation between the two sides, which further complicates the peace efforts with Israel.

Syria was abruptly postponed a planned visit to Damascus Abasovu, which could be the first diplomatic consequences of his decision to abandon the campaign for the detection tronedeljnog war crimes during the war in Gaza, which was completed in late January.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned last week that would insist on war crimes charges could "sabotage" efforts for the renewal of the Middle East peace negotiations.

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