Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The trial de Vilpenu

Retired General Philip Rondo said that Vilpen was familiar with the documentation from Klirstrim affair, which is in direct contradiction with the assertions of the accused

A key witness in the trial of former French prime minister a decade Dominik de Vilpenu, retired General Philip Rondo said that Vilpen was familiar with the documentation from Klirstrim affair, which is in direct contradiction with the assertions of the accused. Vilpen was accused in 2004. The forged a conspiracy to discredit his political rival, current head of state Nicolas Sarkozy. The indictment charged that he was allegedly with the approval of then President Jacques Chirac, Sarkozy tried to remove from the political scene by organized false disclosure list with names of politicians and business people, including Sarkozy, suspected of receiving bribes from big players in the international arms trade . Vilpen at the beginning of the trial, 21 September, rejected the accusations, claiming that he did not know that the list of counterfeit and that Sarkozy's name on it, and said he was the victim of injustice and Sarkozy's obsession. Yesterday's testimony Rondoa general, however, in contradiction with the assertions of former prime minister. Rondo, who was once Vilpenov unofficial assistant, a key witness for the 2004th The učestovovao in meetings and telephone conversations with the subject of a scandal Klirstrim, the biggest political scandal in France in recent years. I was told to explore the following affair Klirstrim I know is that Vilpen was involved, said the court Rondo, intelligence expert responsible for the arrest of Venezuelan terrorist Ilyich Ramiresa Sančesa, better known as Carlos The Jackal. I do not claim that he had control over the case, but at least was interested in and issued the instructions. According Rondoovim words, Vilpen in January 2004. The knew that Sarkozy's name on the list, and when the General said that the list of counterfeit, seemed disappointed. More I doubted, I was sure. At one point we said there must be something, when you stood Such dust, "said Rondo. Retired General also expressed his regret that Vilpenu served as a tool for machinations. I am the intelligence officer in the service of the state. I have always believed that the investigation ordered the head of state, otherwise it would not conduct, he said. The process takes place in the great hall of the Palace of Justice, right next to Notre Dame, in the same courtroom where the Queen Marie Antoinette 1793rd was sentenced to death. The trial should last until 23 October, and, if found guilty, Vilpen could be sentenced to a prison term of up to five years and a fine of up to 45,000 euros. The scandal erupted when the judge in charge of the corruption associated with arms trafficking received by the unknown pošaljioca list, which included account numbers and financial institution Klirstrim, based in Luxembourg. Soon it became clear that the document was false, and an investigation has found that the anonymous pošaljilac was Jean-Louis Žergoren, associated with the French intelligence services, while the list falisifikovao computer expert Imad Laud. Both were brought against the indictment. The Prosecution believes that Vilpen said Žergorena to send the document to the judge, although he knew that the list is fake, with the intent to hurt Sarkozy and reduce his chances of winning the presidential election 2007th year. The former government of President Chirac, and Sarkozy Vilpena rivalry, the two ministers from the ruling Union for a Popular Movement, was uncovered. Media are reminded that Vilpen was Širakov choice for presidential candidates, but the majority party decided to still be Sarkozy. The scandal did not harm Sarkozy, who won the election, and Vilpen withdrew from the political scene. Vilpen is the fourth French prime minister in recent history that was brought before the court. Allen Žipe, Prime Minister since 1995. to 1997, was convicted of illegal party financing Chirac; Edit Kreson, Prime Minister since 1991. until 1992. years, was sentenced before the European Court of Justice because the hired friend zubarku in your cabinet, while Fabijus Laurent, Prime Minister since 1984. to 1986. year, exonerate the affair of blood zatrovanoj HIV in French hospitals. Vilpen, whom Chirac called his best commander, was from 1995. to 2002. The Secretary General of the Élysée Palace, then came to the place of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, which is emphasized when the February 2003. held in the famous UN speech in which he condemned the American invasion of Iraq. Longtime diplomat, was then appointed Minister of Internal Affairs (2004th) to year later replaced by Jean-Pierre Raffarin at the position of Prime Minister, after the failed referendum in France on the European Constitution.

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