Saturday, October 3, 2009

Around 3,000 people still buried under the ruins in Indonesia

Indonesian authorities announced today that about 3,000 people are still under the ruins of buildings on the island of West Sumatra, which was two days ago was the epicenter of the devastating earthquake strength 7.6 degrees on Richter.

Rescue teams continue search for survivors in the city of Padang, which was hardest hit by the earthquake.

According to recent data indoneÅžanskih authorities, the earthquake killed 715 people and hospitalized is about 2,400 persons. The fear is, however, that the death toll much higher. According to the UN, killed 1100 people
Some of the survivors have not received the necessary humanitarian assistance, and the problem is and what the earthquake destroyed several hundred to several thousand stambanih facilities, and many survivors have nowhere to nest.

The authorities in Indonesia say that, apart from lack of food, not even enough heavy machinery that are necessary for cleaning the ruins.
Local population is therefore forced to clean their hands frequently and draws the ruins for survivors. In Padang, capital of West Sumatra, about 900,000 people live.
AP reporters in the field say that in rural areas around the city, where he lived for about 370,000 people, destroyed almost all buildings.
The White House today announced that U.S. President Barack Obama expressed his condolences by telephone Susilou Indonesian colleague Bambang Judhojonou and offered his help.
Obama and Judhojono will meet at the Asian Summit in Singapore, which is held in November.

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