Thursday, October 8, 2009

At least 12 killed in attack on Indian Embassy in Kabul

At least 12 people were killed and more than 80 wounded in car-bomb explosion near the Afghan Ministry of Interior and the Indian Embassy in Kabul, says the BBC.

Police officials claim that it was a suicide attack, as happened when people went to work. Witnesses say they saw pieces of glass and bulk of buildings on the street and thick smoke as it rises above the entire quarter. Local television show clips ugljenisanih cars and emergency workers at the scene.

Indian Foreign Minister Nirupama Rao believes that the attack was directed against India, after the bomber drove a car to the firewall Embassy.
"Three Indian soldiers, who kept the embassy, were injured more easily," said Rao.

Habib Jan told the BBC that the victims were mostly civilians.
"When I came to work I saw a car brand Toyota koro" parked in front of the embassy. Only ten minutes after I arrived at the office, I heard a strong explosion. At that time, city workers were cleaning the streets and I think that all died " said May.
This is the fourth bomb attack in Kabul since August, and the other on the Indian Embassy in the course of this year. U.S. officials have claimed that the Pakistani security service responsible for the first attack on the embassy, the BBC recalls.

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