Thursday, October 8, 2009

Clients split 340,000 dollars stolen from bank

Handmaid of a U.S. bank, who stole 340,000 dollars and divided by its clients, was sentenced to one year and one day in prison, said the British "Telegraph."

Patricia Kizer (53) in the last eight years, stealing money from a bank in Detroit and gave its customers by $ 2,000 for car repair, mortgage repayment and other needs. It was then the area manager and the bank was allowed access to her locker.
Judge Mariana Batana called during the trial Patrician "modern Robin Hudom" and pointed out that the days of theft division of the spoils of the rich and the poor "has long been completed.
Kizer was discovered last year. Prosecutors claim that it has covered the traces of theft, falsifying records and changing accounts, so that instead of 100 dollars stolen writing to the party from the bank took only one. They are looking for two years in prison for the Patrician and its story of human thief called "unbelievable."
Raymond Kassar, a lawyer Kizer, however, says that there is no evidence that Patricia spent money on himself.
"It is not used it for himself. He is not even buried, nor his wife gave him, but it is divided unknown people. This is really unbelievable today," said Kassar.
The judge refused Batana Kasarov proposal to Patricia sentence served in home detention, but she uttered a minimum sentence because of work done - to a year and a day spent in prison.

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