Thursday, October 8, 2009

NASA moon rocket attack

In the southern half moon rocket of the American space agency (Nasa) will tomorrow, if everything is going according to plan, hit the ground and raise clouds of particles which will require evidence that the Earth has a satellite water.

The aim of the Agency to confirm the theory that water, which will be a key resource if people decide to return to the Moon, hidden under reactive Moon's surface. The rocket will crater Kabeus (Cabeus) directed Agencijin Satellite for the study and reading of lunar craters (LCROĆ ) that the Moon sent in June. The explosion will have a force like the one that would make 1.3 tons of TNT from the crater Kabeus will remove 350,000 pounds of particles. In the old crater that will be created a new half-size Olympic swimming pool. Satellite will be four minutes after launching rockets fly in the clouds of particles from the lunar surface and its nine instruments will study the dust and pieces of ground, seeking to have evidence of water. Scientists will be within an hour to know whether Moon hides the water. Anyway, back to the Moon is studied and in Our White House. Program Agency for the eventual return of astronauts to the Moon is worth 100 billion dollars. Our 1999th found evidence of the presence of hydrogen, which can be an indicator of presence of water, and the craters in both moonlight sex. Since then, water search, and scientists hope that in the craters of which never reach sunlight hidden large quantities of ice. Scientists suggest that water on the Moon was valuable as gold because, as is estimated, water transportation to the Moon cost $ 50,000 per pound (453.5 grams).

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