Thursday, October 8, 2009

Unyielding front

Senior Iranian official confirmed Tehran's readiness to resume talks on disputed nuclear program, while stressing that Iran will not give up their rights and to tighten the sanctions would not be in the interests of big powers.

"We believe that the continuation of negotiations is very positive thing and we want to continue," said the "Policy" Mehdi Mostafavi, senior Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on the occasion of the talks that the Iranian negotiators in Geneva had with representatives of the Group 5 +1 (the five permanent members UN Security Council plus Germany).

Mostafavi denied Western claims that Iran has a military nuclear ambitions and insisted that each country has the right to peaceful use of atoms.

"Given our background to make the determination of the nation and reliance on international law, we will continue your way. This front will not relent. Extend full strength. "

Mostafavi said that Tehran launched the initiative for negotiating the West because of the elections in the U.S. and the global crisis, "neglecting some of Iran" and has already proved a goodwill gesture.

"In order to demonstrate their cooperation, we have the UN Agency for Atomic Energy (IAEA) six months before the legal deadline informed about our new nuclear plants into a coma, which she was welcomed," said Mostafavi, who was deputy head of Iran's diplomacy, and has recently Director of the influential Organization of Culture and Islamic links.

Iran on the one hand reiterates that he is ready to dialogue with the United States, and then communicate to build a new plant for uranium enrichment in coma, and then make the third round of missile test. What signals are reliability?

We once again expressed their readiness for talks with Group 5 +1. With its new initiative precise, we define the rational relations and the foundations of cooperation.

Mohamed El Baradei, head of IAEA, shortly before the recent visit to Tehran said that Iran is "the other side of the law," that after the negotiations in Geneva said that Iran made a positive step forward in its openness. What is your impression of the 5 +1 at the moment?

The fact that countries like USA, France or Britain does not want Iran to develop. They speak their own story. When you see the truth and facts, Baradei begin to speak positively. When you start to push him, he changes the story. What is important is that our moves are legitimate. All comments are political character.

Do you think it is still too early to declare victory, as it often does in Iran?

Nuclear power is the monopoly of a small number of countries. Does this mean that when you run out of tomorrow's oil and gas, all should be their slaves? If you do not today, tomorrow will be too late. We'd betrayed its own people. Endure great pressure, but continue as future uses much larger than the current loss.

Would the case of intensification of sanctions against Iran, which the leaders were talking the U.S. and Russia, Iran withdrew from the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of nuclear weapons?

We studied the behavior of big powers. Contrary to the interests of these countries to zaoštre sanctions because they know that if you overdo it, pressing them back. In any case, we will decide on the appropriate way.

There is no doubt that there are a number of countries believe that Iran has the right to develop nuclear programs for peaceful purposes. At the same time, President Ahmadinejad denies the holocaust and repeated that Israel should be destroyed, which destroys the objective image of Iran in the world. Who advises him that says so?

That tells us is in some countries caused the damage, but the other is otherwise met. Ahmadinejad does not deny the essence and will of the Holocaust, but calls into question the abuse of these topics by Israel and the West. Israel exploits the West equally of remorse for what happened to the Jews.

I do not believe that on this basis that Iran could acquire allies when seeking broad support. It is easy to Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria or Ugom caves.

It is not just about them. Many Holocaust put under a question mark. It appears that the country would publicly put this question. A number of Europeans committed a crime and killed a number of Jews. You Europeans should be punished and compensation. Why the Palestinians pay the fine?

It appears that Iran will calculate where and how recruit friends or enemies. Do you really want to export the Islamic revolution?

Our main preoccupation is building Iran, but our system carries and moral obligations. One of them is to protect the people of Palestine.

A number of Iranians believe that the state has not fulfilled its obligations towards them, not to the Palestinians. We know what happened after the presidential election. The revolution that is not renewed, not reform, the danger is that fosilizuje. Is the need of complying with the time is not legitimate? Is one part of the request for change is not authentic, Made in Iran? Will Ahmadinejad demands of the opposition as a corrective to include your policy?

Sure he will. Respect the opinion of the people, but the West has tried to abuse the emotions of the people. That's what we created some problems, but people quickly realized the game and away from the model Velvet Revolution that he poturan.

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