Thursday, October 8, 2009

Russia for joint action with the U.S. in Afghanistan

Head of Russian Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Ivanov said that the actions of U.S. and NATO to combat narcotics in Afghanistan are insufficient and called for joint US-Russian action to combat drug trafficking from that country.

Ivanov, during a visit to Washington, urged the American administration to aerial herbicide sleep opium fields in Afghanistan to destroy them, which was a measure implemented during the previous U.S. President George Bush.
President Barack Obama administration withdrew from the politics of fear that the peasants from the wrath of the foreign troops, could turn ekstremisti─Źnim Taliban. Instead, this new administration is focused on encouraging farmers to cultivate alterantivne culture.

Ivanov told the AP news agency today that the new policy will not be effective due to the strengthening of the conflict in Afghanistan and reiterated that the spreading of herbicides critical to stopping drug trafficking from that country.
In Afghanistan, it produces about 90 percent of world opium from which heroin is obtained.

NATO called on Russia to participate in training
NATO Secretary-General and Anders Fogh Rasmussen called on Russia today that it, among allies in Europe, contribute to training and strengthening the Afghan forces.
Rasmussen told reporters that Russia has allowed the transit of equipment for the international force led by NATO in Afghanistan and said that the agreement, "as the first, could be expanded.
Russia is allowed to be by rail or by air over its territory of international forces in Afghanistan transferred equipment, but not the only weapon.
NATO Secretary-General and said that, secondly, Russia could provide equipment for Afghan security forces. " In his words, Russia could participate in the training of these forces.
Rasmussen welcomed the progress in relations between Russia and NATO after the crisis arising from the Russian-Georgian war in August last year. Spokesperson of the Secretary General of NATO said that the Rasmussen "personal idea" and that about it yet discussed with Russia.
Rasmussen said that the foreign ministers of NATO and Russia "probably" meet during the ministerial meeting of members of the Alliance 3rd and 4 December in Brussels.

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