Thursday, October 8, 2009

EU gets the status of world power

Brussels - European Union a draft plan that will allow her to become a world power and obtain the authority to sign international agreements on behalf of its member states. Confidential discussions about how to apply the Lisbon Treaty have resulted in proposals to allow the EU to continue negotiating international agreements on behalf of its members, and even open embassies around the world. As one of the confidential document states, plans to be the first pilot to open embassy in New York, Kabul, and Addis Ababa.

The EU will get a full "legal character" and from international bodies and states which are not EU members will be asked to recognize the new European diplomatic service as a full negotiating. It is believed that this initiative will largely be symbolic of Britain, which is not member of the eurozone and the constant object "European Community", organized by which the British were joined by only one vote in the referendum which was held in the country of Europe 34 years ago. Mark Francis, a spokesman for European affairs from the British Conservatives, said the agreement shows why the UK should hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. "As long warning, the Lisbon Treaty increases the power of the EU at the expense of European countries," said Francois. "The classic example of this is the new power that the EU gets through a single 'legal character'. This indicates why the Labor wrong when trying to challenge the word of the British people about the Lisbon Treaty.

According to the Lisbon Treaty, which was approved in Ireland last week, the EU will within the European diplomatic service may receive 160 "representatives" and embassies around the world. Loren Mula, director of Open Europe, said that such an initiative "represents a huge transfer of power which is why the EU will more resemble the state than an international agreement." "Taking into account the 'legal character' of the EU, the first time the EU member states and not be able to sign all kinds of international agreements on foreign policy, defense, criminal and judicial matters," said Mula. She pointed out that the referendum was 1975th concerning accession to the European Union and Britain, thanks to the contract of the European Union, Brussels has priority in relation to British law.

"British voters agreed to join the European community, not a political union that has a 'legal character' through which receives the authority to sign all international agreements," said Mulalijeva. "No one under 52 years of age had never had a word about this important evolution and it is time to change."

The document, which he visited Holland, Belgium and Luxembourg states need to implement legislative changes in order to set up a European foreign service (EEAS), diplomatic service and foreign policy of EU "global geographical scale.

Diplomats in Brussels have started detailed work on the establishment of new institutions, EEAS, "Minister of Foreign Affairs departments and functions of the President of the EU, which will be done according to the Lisbon Treaty. Decisions will be made despite the fact that neither the Polish nor Czech Republic have not yet fully ratified the new EU Treaty. Introduction EEAS encouraged fierce competitive war in Brussels. The European Commission could lose more than 1424 staff member of higher rank from three departments. Another 400 members of staff will be recruited from the EU Council, and the same will be transferred from national diplomatic services. EEAS will take the representative of the Commission, since it currently has more than 160 worldwide, while the high-diplomats have the same status as ambassadors of various countries.

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