Thursday, October 8, 2009

Taliban: We are not a threat to the West

KABUL - The Taliban yesterday, the eighth anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan, where the deposed from power, said that not a threat to the West, but will continue to fight against foreign occupation forces in the country. International troops, led by the United States, started on 7 October 2001. The operation in Afghanistan and, with the help of Afghan groups, after petonedeljnih conflict svrgle the Taliban government, which had previously refused to extradite Washington leaders of Al Qaeda suspects for the attacks on the United States from 11 September 2001, recalled Reuters.
"We had no plan to harm other countries, including those in Europe ... Our goal is the independence of the country and establish an Islamic state," the Taliban said in a statement, published on the web site of the group.

"However, if you (NATO and the U.S.) want to colonize the country proud and pious Afghans, under the senseless pretext of the war against terrorism, then you should know that our patience is endless and we are ready for long war."

U.S. President Barack Obama, who called the defeat of extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan a priority of his foreign policy, soon to decide whether to send more troops to Afghanistan.

Chief U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, U.S. General Stanley Mekristal, warned in a report on the situation in the country, filed last month, the Pentagon, that victory is not possible without increasing the number of soldiers.

In Afghanistan, has now deployed more than 100,000 foreign troops, of whom 62,000 were Americans.

Some Western officials fear that the withdrawal from that country meant that the Taliban return to power and Afghanistan will again become a stronghold of Al Qaeda, from which the extremists are planning further attacks on Western countries. U.S. President Barack Obama submitted a request yesterday to the Supreme Commander of the U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan, Gen. Stanley Mekristala for sending new reinforcements in Afghanistan, the Pentagon said today.
Defense Secretary Robert Gates is President Obama, at his request, referred the "informal copy of" Mekristalovog request, addressed last week, said Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morell.

Britanaci protiv rata u Avganistanu
The British are still against the war in Afghanistan, but that percentage is not significantly increased in the last three years, despite a growing number of British victims, showed the results of the survey whose results released yesterday by the BBC.

Fifty-six percent of respondents said that anti-British military operations in Afghanistan, while 37 percent support, showed the results of the survey which was conducted for the BBC agency ICM poll.

Results of the same survey three years ago, showed that 53 percent then the British were against, while 31 percent supported British participation in the war in Afghanistan.

Three years ago was a large number of undecided, reminds Reuters.

However, the results of other polls that were conducted last month showed a continuing decline in support for the war in Afghanistan and increase opposition to British operations in that country.

Killed three children
In Afghanistan yesterday killed 16 people, among whom were members of security forces, Taliban insurgents and civilians, and the lives lost and three children, reported Reuters.
Talibaski rebels, so as not to be caught, forced children to Put the bomb.

Children did not know how to do the bomb exploded, said the governor of the southern province of Kandahar, Mohammad Niaz cooperation.

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