Sunday, October 4, 2009

Fifteen soldiers killed in Afghanistan

Eight American and seven Afghan soldiers were killed in the attack on two remote military outpost in Nuristan in eastern Afghanistan.

The attack on two remote military outpost in eastern Afghanistan killed eight American and seven Afghan soldiers, said the American military command.

The statement says that the tribal militias yesterday staged the attack from a mosque and a nearby village in Nuristan, one of the most dangerous areas of Afghanistan which borders Pakistan.

American and Afghan security forces managed to repulse the attack and to inflict "heavy casualties the enemy," added the statement.

Nuristan governor, had previously requested that this area be deployed more security forces members, as many fled the Taliban in Nuristan valley svat√° in Pakistan, fleeing offensives by the Pakistani army.

For yesterday's attack, one of the heaviest since eight years ago, U.S. forces began the offensive in Afghanistan, accused the governor just insufficient number of security forces, stating that a large number of victims uprevo result of poor coordination of international forces and Afghan army.

Responsibility for the latest attack in Nuristan Taliban took over, stating that their captivity is 35 Afghan soldiers, including the regional head.

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