Sunday, October 4, 2009

At least 200 people died in floods in southern India

At least 200 people died during the last five days of flooding caused by strong pljuskovima that hit south India.

Thousands of people homeless, officials. In the state of Karnataka has killed at least 170 people, while the river izlivale from bed, thinking the house and land Plavec, reported by Reuters.

"Around us is death and destruction," said Basavaraj Boma, Minister in the government in Bangalore, the capital of southern province of Karnataka.
After the storm, remained under water the entire field of sugar cane and rice, said the British agency, while the Indian authorities have announced that most victims died under the ruins of houses destroyed in the flood.
In the state of Karnataka homeless left at least 100,000 inhabitants, while in neighboring areas Andhra Pradesh killed at least 33 people and around two million people suffered major damage.
Indian officials warn that the number of victims is likely to grow, because in remote villages affected by the disaster, is still about 5,000 people, to which rescue teams have failed to arrive. The floods in India this year, killing nearly 1,000 people, and tens of thousands were left homeless, the data show the Red Cross.

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