Sunday, October 4, 2009

Iran agreed to the question of control of nuclear plant

Inspectors will visit the United Nations 25th October, Iran's nuclear facilities, said the director Međunaronde Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Mohamed El ElBaradei after meeting with Iranian negotiators Ali Akbar Salehijem, transmitted BBC.
El ElBaradei, who arrived in Iran yesterday, said that he hopes that the government in Tehran would be "as transparent as possible" and will not interfere with the inspection of nuclear facilities located near the city of Qom.

"Now is the critical moment. IAEA will continue to invite Iran to open the control plants, but also in conversations," said El ElBaradei.
He was at a press conference in Tehran said talks with Iranian officials were successful and, when it comes to Iran's nuclear program, see the possibility to overcome the international crisis. IAEA Director explained that the necessary international observers to visit the new nuclear plant to ensure that what "civilian purposes".
"We need transparency with the Iranian side, and with the cooperation of the international community," said ElBaradei.
The West accuses Iran that, under the guise of civilian nuclear program, trying to produce an atomic bomb, which Tehran denies, saying that the program is intended for electricity production. USA, UK, France and Germany indicated that Iran could again be tightened international sanctions if it fails to fulfill obligations and IAEA submits complete documentation of the entire nuclear program. UN for violating obligations, Iran has already imposed three rounds of sanctions.
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has allowed IAEA inspectors in late September to review nuclear plant near coma, and rejected Western accusations that Tehran hid years of existence of the plant inspections. He also said then that the plant be put in operation for about 18 months.

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