Sunday, October 4, 2009

Netanyahu gave Moscow a list of scientists who help Iran

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, gave Moscow a list of Russian scientists that Israel believes that Iran help in building nuclear weapons, Israeli media today carried Writing London "Times".

Netanyahu has handed over a list of secret fasting Moscow last month. "The Times" quoted a source close to the Russian Minister of Defense, which says that Nethaniah present "concrete evidence" that the Russians helping Iran to achieve the mentioned objective, and that Israel has kept the list secret to spare Moscow political naprijatnosti. Israeli media reminders that Nethaniah last month, "disappeared" for several hours during the day. In his cabinet were told that the visiting security location in Israel, but soon discovered that actually traveled to Russia, which were later confirmed by both parties.

"From the beginning Israel wanted to remain a secret visit," said one official of the Kremlin two weeks ago, pointing out that the customer satisfied.
Spokesman of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin told the Russian news agency Interfaka to the visit and did not know that Putin has not met with Netanjahuom. "The Times" says that the allegations about Russian assistance to scientists watching with caution, because the past tense "frilens Russian scientists. Officials in Jerusalem insist, in writing of the London exchange, that any Russian scientist who works in Iran may seem that only with the permission of the Kremlin.
Publication of this report is followed after the Iran and six world powers return to negotiations at the meeting in Geneva. Pregvori include bilateral kontatke with the United States at the highest level, says the Israeli press. Iran insists on developing nuclear porgram for peaceful purposes, but Israel and the U.S. believe that the goal of developing nuclear weapons.

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