Sunday, October 4, 2009

Iran the new Iraq

American "liberation" of Iraqis have paid with 1,300,000 living, but profits that have made oil, construction, security and military industry is sufficient reason to the Western media, the genocide there. Waiting like a destiny and Iran?
NEW YORK - western plan of George Bush and Tony Blair, later taken to the work, that Iraq and Saddam Hussein to attack at any cost, even if it means deliberately mislead the public and mass media manipulation, he managed in the end. Anglo-American adventure cost them the 5000 life and who knows how many billions of dollars, and "collateral damage", according to reaction (or the absence of reaction pro-Western and Western media) of the 1,300,000 Iraqis who have paid the head "liberation" from Saddam Hussein, it is acceptable to the warlords in Washington and London.

The unbelievable thing in the whole story about this plan is that the same, with slightly modified the division of roles and a slightly different charges, going back, this time with something bigger and something dangerous opponent - Iran. Leading the motto "never has enough oil," the Western media and the government again, joint forces, preparing the ground for a new "release" of the people (of himself) and ask the reason for the rocket attack, bombing, shelling or something fourth. They tried to Tehran shaken in, engaging "business" lobby in the Iranian establishment, and, as they not passed, now resort to other, proven methods.

In this context, should be observed in the recent beating of war drums, regarding the case "nuclear threat" which, allegedly, is Iran, says John Pilger in the New Stejtsmen list. You must only think of a series of articles from 2001, which preceded the attack on Iraq, like the one in the Observer, which claims the existence of Iraqi connections with Al Qaeda (although it was generally known that Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden hate) and even in describing the details of the alleged bases in Iraq in which "trained terrorists", and "plant for the production of anthrax as a weapon of mass destruction." All this was later proved to be a huge lie, that you are in the media skilfully placed American and British intelligence services, with the help of Iraqi dissidents.

"Secret plant"
The same is happening today in Iran: synchronized actions the government and media increasingly "discovery" of "secret facilities", "hidden dangers" and other baucima who hide in the mountains of Iran. "Here's showdown with Iran over the secret nuclear plant," writes The Guardian of London, well known kaubojskih language films. Something similar is already probano two years ago, when, again, The Guardian, declared that "Iran is preparing a summer offensive that drove U.S. forces from Iraq." Then the journalist Simon Tizdejl, based on the fact nezasnovanih (and nepromišljenih) statement from the Pentagon, concluded that "the only true that" plan "exists and that the attack will inevitably follow in September 2007. Do you say that no similar plan did not exist, and to anyone who can possibly understand the power relations in the military field, sweet laughed when he read the article.
Official jargon for this kind of propaganda is "psaj-ops (psychological operations, psychological warfare). It is part of the orchestrated campaign aimed to isolate Iran, weaken and the rest of the world present itself as a country which, simply put, manage madmen.

Double yardsticks
Almost unnoticed, in the sea and muster charges Tehran, passed Newsweek article, which is 16 published in September as "American intelligence agencies at the highest level of information submitted to the Government in Washington that the nuclear status of Iran, when it comes to the use of uranium for military purposes, unchanged since 2003. year. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has confirmed this in more than ten reports.
All this happens in a situation where, all agree that military experts, Iran does not represent any threat to the United States, while, on the other hand, virtually surrounded by U.S. troops and missiles. The only crime of Tehran, analysts believe, is disobedience: Iran is today the only oil-rich Muslim country in the region that is not under the direct control of the United States. Yet, despite the fact that Iran, the IAEA reports, does not own, nor shown a willingness to develop nuclear weapons, signed the agreement on non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, as well as neat associate agencies, he glavnoootpuženi for "spreading instability in the region." On the other hand, Israel, which is almost known that there are more than 200 active warheads with nuclear charge, which he never agreed to IAEA inspections, the West is perceived as a "stabilizing factor" in the region.

However, despite the tireless campaign to the population "utuvi" head to Iran, "demon", things do not go so easily. Even 70 percent of Britons thought rejects any extension of the war in Afghanistan, 57 Americans is to withdraw from this country, and percentages, when talking about the possible attack on Iran, are more convincing. To persuade people that "Iran the new devil, will have to be more effort than ever before: the type of report," Iran allegedly training specific groups of Taliban "are still insufficient to justify starting another war.

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