Saturday, October 3, 2009

Record seizure of synthetic drugs in Mexico

Mexican authorities seized in two separate actions, 37 tons of synthetic drug methamphetamine, which is the largest quantity of these drugs by the authorities of that country ever seized.

In the first raid was discovered about 20 tons of drugs on a ship that entered the port Manzaniljo, in the Pacific.

Authorities have discovered additional 17 tons of methamphetamine in the city of Nuevo Laredo, near the border with Texas.
The police in two raids and arrested several people, but more details about the arrest is not known, told the BBC.

Mexican and U.S. authorities have recently announced that the drug cartels in Mexico are increasingly turning to production and trafficking of methamphetamine and is believed to lead the country in the world in the production of synthetic drugs.
To make the drugs and made, cartels must reach the necessary substances abroad, which the police their attention more and more directed to their illegal supply in the country.

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