Saturday, October 3, 2009

Polanski has paid compensation Samantha gamers?

U.S. media reports that director Roman Polanski, was arrested in Switzerland, earlier agreed to pay $ 500,000 gamers Samantha, with whom he had unlawful sexual intercourse and therefore is doomed. It is not confirmed that the settlement met.

Film director Roman Polanski agreed once, in the court settlement to pay $ 500,000 gamers Samantha, with whom he had unlawful sex 1978th , but it remains unclear whether and to comply with this agreement, reported the American media after the inspection in court documents.

Polanski and gamers are 3 October 1993. years, 15 years after his beg from the U.S., reached an agreement in which Polanski was supposed to pay her half a million dollars.

U.S. media reports that the court has revealed only the amount of damages, but not other conditions of the agreement.

The document leaves open the question of whether Polanski paid the money, but, as stated, according to changes in gamers moves in the coming years, the two sides may reach agreement.

Gamers during the 1996th insisted on the payment of money and even from movie studios, but already 1997th She was, in a letter, informed the court that there is no need for her help in the collection of money from Polanskog and explains that she, as a victim, many believe that a director should not be prosecuted.

How to transfer media in the U.S., gamers admitted in 1993. The achieved agreement with Polanski.

According to court documents, Polanski was in August 1996. owed his victim 604,416 dollars, and media estimate that, if compensation is not paid, the debt today is about 650,000 dollars.

The famous director was arrested last weekend in Switzerland, where he arrived to attend Z├╝rich Film Festival.

Polanski was arrested on warrants of U.S. government from 1978. year, due to giving drugs and alcohol, then 13-year Gejmerovoj, with whom he then had illegal sexual relations during the session of painting in the house the actor Jack Nicholson.

Polanski was then arrested in Los Angeles, where he spent 42 days in the psychiatric observation. From the U.S. fled the day before his court pronounced sentence.

Gamers in the 1988th launched a civil suit against Polanskog. He later sided with those seeking his release, including most of Hollywood directors and actors.

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