Saturday, October 3, 2009

Israel bombed the tunnel on Gaza border

Israeli air force bombed two tunnels used for smuggling weapons to the border the Gaza Strip and Egypt. The attack was a response to Palestinian rocket fire aimed at southern Israel last night. Hamas threatens new abductions of Israeli soldiers.

Israeli fighter planes bombed early this morning of two tunnels allegedly used for smuggling weapons to the border the Gaza Strip and Egypt, near the town Rafe, and workshops for making weapons in the city of Gaza.

Israeli Army Radio said Israel is for the air attack was a response to Palestinian rocket fire aimed at southern Israel last night, which was not injured, no damage.

In protest of the rocket attack, Israel filed a formal complaint with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and UN Security Council.

Israeli UN Ambassador Gabriela Shalev told the world organization that has recently increased the number of rocket attacks, behind which stands Islamist Hamas. Only in September, on the southern Israeli territory were 13 rocket and mortar attacks from the Gaza Strip.

In addition to the 15 times opened fire on Israeli troops and tanks along the security fence on the border, with numerous attempts by Palestinian militants to approach the fence and set explosives.

Shalev urged the UN to condemn the violence intensified against Israel from the territory controlled by Hamas, and announced that Israel would continue to do all it can to defend its borders.

Israel is at the end of December last year, started the three-week offensive against Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. After a unilateral cease-fire, both sides declared their 18th January, there were only sporadic clashes.

Hamas threatens new abductions of Israeli soldiers

Palestinian Hamas leader Mashal KHALED threatened new abductions of Israeli soldiers, to secures the release of all Palestinian prisoners from Israeli prisons.

"We will continue efforts to kidnap soldiers in order to free all our prisoners in Israel," said Mashal in Damascus, where he lives in exile, just hours after Israel released 19 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for a video clip that proves to be alive Israeli soldier Gilad're kidding kidnapped three years ago.

Mashal was also congratulated the Palestinian people to liberation of prisoners.

Video-clip, which was yesterday submitted to Israel, the first showing of You're kidding how was kidnapped in cross-border attacks from the Gaza Strip on a military base in southern Israel, June 2006. year.

The leader of Hamas in the Gaza Strip Ismail Hanije the agreement on prisoner exchange for the video-tape marks the triumph of armed resistance to Israel.

Addressing the crowd in the city of Gaza, he congratulated the families of released prisoners, and announced that Hamas would not break until all Palestinian prisoners in Israel are not released.

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