Tuesday, October 6, 2009

U.S. can not withdraw from Afghanistan

Washington will not pull troops from Afghanistan or in revising the strategy, said U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates. Taliban have strengthened because the United States did not promptly deployed enough troops, said Gates. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that the Taliban were strengthened because the United States are not timely enough troops deployed in Afghanistan and said that Washington, even in the revision of strategy, will not withdraw the troops from that country.

"Because of our inability and, frankly, the inability of our allies to deploy enough troops in Afghanistan, the Taliban have apparently prevailed," he said in a speech at the University, "George Washington".

"Do not abandon Afghanistan. The topic of discussion on the strategy are the upcoming steps and President Barack Obama to make certain decisions," said Gates, told the Reuters.

According Gejtsovim words, Afghan and Pakistani governments should not be upset because of the revision of American strategy.

"You can not go," confirmed White House spokesman Robert Gibbs. "It is quite clear."

Obama should make key decisions as the chief U.S. military and NATO forces in Afghanistan, General Stanley Mekristal, the report stated gloomy assessment of eight-year war in that country and asked for reinforcements.

The U.S. administration debated whether to send another 40,000 troops or limit the mission and focus on Al Qaeda, which supports the Vice President Joe Biden.

Gates also said that the U.S. must not allow Al Qaeda and the Taliban that the U.S. withdrawal as his victory appear, as when the mujahideen after decades of war, forced Soviet troops to leave Afghanistan.

"The country, especially the area at the Afghan-Pakistani border, the epicenter of modern jihad. This is the place where the mujahideen defeated the second superpower," said the American Minister of Defense.

And their attitude is that now have the ability to defeat another superpower, which would more than anything else strengthen their message and to contribute to the recruitment, fund raising and planning operations. "

Gates warned that if the Taliban take control of significant part of Afghanistan, and strengthen Al Qaeda.

Anti-war and left critics of American foreign policy invited Washington to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Dozens of demonstrators gathered yesterday in front of the White House, and several were arrested when they tried to bind the chains of gates.

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