Saturday, August 1, 2009

India became the navy

As India is in the sea porinula their first nuclear submarine, came from southern Asia, news najmnogoljudnija to democracy in the world plans to in the next ten years, his rich navy with more 125 ultramodernih war ships and submarines. New Delhija plans, analysts believe, the result of the desire to be in the area sustigne Beijing, since China has three times more war ships and five times as large marine staff from India.

Backwardness of Chinese officials are concerned about India, because the neighboring port of Pakistan and Sri Lanka often allow anchoring Chinese war ships, giving them greater control over the Indian Ocean and Arabian Sea.

However, transfers "Fajnenšel Times," the captain Batnager Aloka, director of the Indian maritime plans the Ministry of Defense, says that the "strategic needs" of India to develop its own military capacities Navy in order to avoid "to be a hostage situation kriznoj other countries." Speaking at the meeting dedicated to the marine facilities, Batnager captain pointed out that the domestic brodogradilišta in the production of 32 war ships and submarines, and to plan development of 75 more ships, including aircraft carriers, destroyer, Frege and boats combined.

He opened and said that the Indian naval targets including response to the Chinese about the aggressive plans of modernization, and that the goals and energy security, the protection of sea routes and the struggle with Islamic fundamentalism.

"China has developed its navy. Her goals in the Indian Ocean are quite clear, "said Bhatnager the captain, while the Admiral Sureš Mehta, Commander of Navy, adding that India will spend 200 billion a year Rupee (four billion U.S. dollars) to the new maritime capabilities.

Admiral Mehta said that the need for the development of the domestic defense industry means that India will become the exporter of these technologies to the Middle East and South East Asia. It is He, and for the development of conditions that will encourage proper international companies to open their industrial production in the local Indian brodogradilišta in which production costs are small.

Although India is one of the countries with the fastest growing navy, which with the current 124 vessels is the fifth largest in the world, the official New Delhija desire to speed up this process and contributes to the recent news from pakistanskih media that Beijing is Islamabad delivered four new naval Frege. However, Pakistan has no nuclear submarine, unlike India, which is porinula "Arihant", which is only part of the construction plan of five submarines, worth 2.9 billion dollars.

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Russians lose jobs

Although India is the first nuclear submarine project created to Russian, Russian military experts estimate that Russia will lose India as the second largest buyer of Russian weapons and military equipment. Russian Internet newspaper "Pravda online publication that analysts estimate that the recently signed agreement the United States and India, the American state sekretarke Hilary Clinton New Delhi, assembled, and because India is dissatisfied by Russia often violates the terms of the contract that had to it. New Delhi was very angry when the Moscow delay modernization of the aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorškov, as soon as it has done the same with the delivery of war ships and submarines. The eve of Clinton visit, a new scandal broke out when it is determined that Russia sold India bad air-air missiles. According to the assessment of Russian experts, India will continue to buy Russian tanks, but in Moscow the sale of other products of proper industry India get strong competition in the American manufacturers.

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