Saturday, August 1, 2009


Sound Recorder, which comes standard on Windows is the minimum offer opportunities for sound recording - there are no additional settings and options, and is the culmination of the implementation of this program Make sure you work the microphone or not. For recording sound is therefore usually use Audacity, which has many more options, and when that is free.

Audacity allows recording the sound coming from the microphone, line input or other sources. It is possible to achieve high quality sound with support for 32-bit sampling. Recorded material can export files in WAV, MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats. Audicity has options for sound, which can be applied over the recording records or material uploaded from existing files (often in the MP3 format). So it is possible to isecati, copy or delete any part of results, a program is getting very long and the records that may zoom to the level of individual samples.

There are options for removing noise and Background noise, increase basova, adjust volume and normalization of signals. Built a large number of special effects, for example, to play back the selected segment (opaque to check the theory of Led Zeppelin), add eha, and the gradual strengthening of utišavanja (fade), the phase shift of the channels, etc.. Playing with the effects of inversion, it is possible to achieve even extract instrumentalnog part of the votes and thus simulate the effect of karaoke, with a variable useful results. It is possible to achieve and the effects of installing the plug-in's that are made for Audacity.

Audacity is free software, and exists in versions for different operating systems, which in addition to Windows auključuje Mac OS X and GNU / Linux. On the DVD in the current version of Windows, and more information about the Audacity project, and beta versions for the site

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