Saturday, August 1, 2009

Garmin Nüvi 765 with photo realistic 3D models of important objects

How to further facilitate the navigation in the urban areas, and in addition keep the main features of Garmin devices: the functionality and ease of use?

Gramin Nüvi 765 makes two key news in the world portabilnih GPS device: 3D view of buildings in cities with fotorealističnim 3D models of important buildings and LaneAssitant intersection and the roundabout! Housing is made of special non-skid plastic for easier use of the hand and the same dimensions as in the 760 series.

3D view of the building provides a new version of City Navigator Europe - 2009 3D. Are not only important buildings designed as 3D models, in the large cities of Western Europe are shown and the building of houses, which are in different stages of navigation display polutransparentno or completely transparent in order to facilitate the route and navigation. New hardware platform provides the high quality and fast animation smoothly. LaneAssist function of the intersection and the roundabout in the three-dimensional model with the guidelines that facilitate the crossing snalažanje wide motorways in Western Europe. Besides the special display, this option is shown in the schedule following the turning lane of traffic, which further facilitates orientation in unknown cities.

Nüvi 765 is supplied with CityNavigator 2009 3D European maps, which in addition to detailed map of Western Europe, the new version of the map significantly better covering Greece, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland, and improved the coverage of other countries of Central and Eastern Europe : Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are covered by a detailed map of the main travel routes, and map of streets in major cities. Nüvi 765 is equipped with Bluetooth module that allows "Handsfree" communication with the mobile phone and the FM transmitter to transfer the sound to the car radio. software package includes MP3 player, view JPEG images, calculator, currency converter, unit converter, Audio Book Reader. There are also advanced navigation opcijame:
- TrackLog allows recording line movement and later analysis of the device or computer
- Take route, and the possibility of calculating the route the more points
- Where am I - a fast access to information about current location: coordinates, address, nearest station, rakrsnica ...
- Rapid store locations where the device is removed from the carrier for easier search vehicles on the parking

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